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Rock Climbing at Mount Arapiles

A group from RMIT went rock climbing at Mount Arapiles this weekend. Arapiles is the best rock climbing area in victoria with hundreds of routes. This was a leaders trip but I managed to sneak into it. The weekend was boiling hot, 36 degrees both days, so we got pretty scortched. We got there on friday night at about 11:30pm and went pretty much straight to bed after a long 5 hour drive. On Saturday we did a short climb called Agamemnon with is graded as a 10 and was pretty easy (smaller is easier, around 30's are hardest climbs). Tim lead the climb and Grant and I seconded and thirded it. It was only about a 30 meter climb but it still took us a couple of hours and it had two pitches. The first pitch was quite easy a 6 and the second was the 10. At the top we
rappelling down. Here is a photo of Tim coming down
And this shows were we climbed, its the left crack in the middle section

In the afternoon we went for a swim in the wimerra river to cool down and after that did a little bouldering. There is heaps of bouldering at Arapiles, might have to run a bouldering trip there.

The next day we did a longer climb which was over 100 meters and graded 12. It was called the Watchtower Chimney and it had 4 pitches. The first pitch was long 45m and almost completely in the sun. The backs of my feet were burning on the way up. We almost used the entire rope as well because we turned it into 3 pitches to get into the shade. We actually walked the second pitch and went straight to the third. The third pitch was the hardest and involved going up the chimeny. It was a bit annoying with a backpack on my back because it helped to have your back on the wall in some spots. The last pitch was really easy as well basically walking except for the very start of it. After that we walked back down and back to the camp site. We went for a quick swim again and then headed home.
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